Art Sidikoff

Chief Executive Officer

Art Sidikoff is a seasoned banker and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the banking sector and 25 years in the business world. He is currently serving as the President of GenNext.Mortgage™, a next-generation mortgage bank focused on digital mortgage technology. With his vast experience, he has had the opportunity to work in multiple corporate executive positions in various countries and has had a chance to work with thousands of people and travel the world.

Before his current position, Art has created many entrepreneurial ventures and has taken on many interesting projects over the years. He has also acquired master’s degrees in finance and business from Russia and the US. Some of his most memorable and exciting business experiences come from his time doing business in post-Soviet Russia in the 1990s.

Art’s focus is on leveraging digital mortgage offerings to provide people with the conveniences and savings of new technologies in the lending industry. GenNext.Mortgage™ is a fully paperless environment that enables remote closings.

Art’s goal for future business growth and expansion is to take advantage of new generational trends, technology, and post-covid remote habits of clients and employees. He believes in creating a happy workplace culture and is a strong advocate of paperless and remote work.

Art is a lifelong learner and loves to take on new challenges. He recently prepared for and took the MLO exam to get into more detail on the mortgage industry. Art is a resident of the Town of Sudbury, where he has settled with his family for the past 5 years and is actively involved in the local community.